A bright district emerging

The future climate neutral Hundipea district is where both people and nature can thrive.

Urban space created as a whole

Hundipea will emerge over three decades based on one big picture vision. At the core of the vision is academic research combined with the latest technologies and learning from the best urban development examples worldwide. We aim to create a city environment that guides people to a more sustainable lifestyle and allows nature to flourish.

Compact urban density

We follow various principles of modern urban development, including the 15-minute city concept. In a compact 15-minute city, most daily necessities and services, such as work, education, healthcare, and leisure, are within a convenient 15-minute walk or bike ride. Additionally, an efficient public transport system is essential. The concept is proven to reduce car dependency, lower carbon emissions, boost the local economy, and improve people’s overall quality of life.

Accessibility in focus

When designing the streets for people, we pay extra attention to making them safe and convenient for different groups – from children to the elderly, cyclists to parents with baby carriages, to people with special needs. The sizes, layouts and prices of apartments and commercial spaces will vary to make the owners and renters mix diverse. That way, we also ensure we’re not creating an elite district.

Lively public spaces

To bring life back to the streets, we follow the best practices of creating high-quality, enjoyable public spaces. We pay extra attention to ground-level design, landscape architecture and diverse green spaces, creating an environment that encourages people to interact and engage in outdoor activities. Lively public space brings social and economic benefits to cities improving the overall quality of life.

Climate conscious planning

We implement a wide range of nature-based and technological solutions for planning and designing Hundipea’s architecture, public space, green areas, and infrastructure to achieve CO2 neutrality in the district. We develop solutions to simultaneously reduce pollution, increase the area’s biodiversity and adapt to the effects of climate change.


The structural plan of the area was completed


The sustainability vision of the area was born


The vision of future Hundipea together with a masterplan was created


Various scientific research projects were started


North Tallinn mobility study with Siemens Mobility


RAK survey with the interest groups in North Tallinn


First steps in opening the area to the public


Digital twin of the Hundipea district will be completed


The detailed plan of the first area will be in place

Starting with the first construction works


Around this time, we can say Hundipea is complete


The district is emerging on an industrial port area only a few kilometres from the Tallinn city centre.